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Company Profile

Company Profile

Company profile

Top portable inverter generator manufacturer in China.

Most professional engine and inverter generator R&D team in China!

Located in Hangzhou China, with only two-hour drive to Shanghai or Ningbo, ZHEJIANG EVERLAST POWER CO., LTD. (ELP) is a public High-Tech company, stock code 837972, specialized in portable inverter generators and power system, with own trademark ELP.

Quality is always ELP first concern, targeting at best and top quality portable inverter generator.

ELP has 1kW, 2kW, 2.5kW, 2.7kW and 4kW portable inverter generator series in production, with various Chinese and international patents, succeeding in both Chinese and foreign markets, especially in America, Japan, Europe and Australia.

Welcome to work with us!

         Our Culture

The company continuously provides innovative and high-quality products for users, and the happiness of users is the happiness of the enterprise;

Cooperate with dealers and suppliers in a healthy and happy way, so as to bring mutual benefit and win-win results to everyone's common development;

People oriented, positive, let employees in the happy innovation, self-realization of the atmosphere with the enterprise to maintain a lasting vitality, perseverance to create greater value for the society.

The Power of Happiness
Company Honor

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